An Inspector Calls

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What is the significance of the title of the play, An Inspector Calls?

How does Priestly explore the relationship between men and women in An Inspector Calls?

How does Priestley present Sheila in An Inspector Calls?

What do you think is the importance of the beginning of An Inspector Calls?

“No character in An Inspector Calls is entirely good or bad. This is what makes them so complex” How does Priestley’s portrayal of the Birlings suggest they are flawed but have then potential for change?

How does Priestley prepare the audience for Mr Birling’s downfall?

How does Priestley present the problems caused by the class system in the play?

In Act Three, Eric admits to his involvement in Daisy Renton’s death. How does Priestley present Eric as a forgivable character in the play?

How does Priestley present Mrs. Birling in An Inspector Calls?

How does Priestley present ideas about judgement in An Inspector Calls?

A dark and challenging text of mankind’s search to conquer the world around him, An Inspector Calls is the challenging play that calls you to question what the best society for Britain might be. 

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