May – Put all students onto Accelerated Reader so the new year 6s can be tested. Wait until appeals have occured. Email the excel spreadsheet to this address, or complete yoursrself with help-guide.

June – Report that maps reading age to amount read.

At the start of each term:

Book your students onto the laptops and complete a star reading test. As the test is essentially a screening test, rather than a comprehensive test of all reading skills, it is best if tests are taken on a fairly regular basis to see trends.

At the end of each half-term you wll receive:

a) A report showing how much (or at all!) students have read according to AR.
b) Intervention reports run according to students who appear to be reading in appropriately according to the data or your requests.

As agreed, automatic targets will be set a half-termly for your class on a generic basis according to the set they are in. Should you wish to differentiate targets according to your knowledge of the students, please pass on such requests or change yourself via Accelerated Reader-Class Record Books – Targets.

Current targets are:

17 points for top set
10 points second set
5 points third set
2 points fourth set