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What kind of workshops can you provide?

Planning a literature curriculum, teaching with technology, establishing a debate club, there are a range of workshops I can provide. 

Where are you located?

I currently teach in the Philippines, and can travel during holidays.  

 Can you deliver virtual training?

That I can. All the conventional video conferencing software can be used. 

In which curriculum do you train?

I have experience in IB and British National Curriculum models. Truth told, all good education is cross-cultural.

How much do you charge?

Contact me. Rates are variable and I enjoy worthy projects, especially with literature-focused curriculum planning. 

Do you have any testimonials?

Of course, just contact me for information. 

Can we just chat?

Of course. I am very busy with a full-time job and project commitments, but I always enjoy a chat with earnest educators. 


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