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What kind of tuition can you provide?

I work a full-time job that has my priority. However, I can occasionally offer tuition to select students from around the globe. I can also offer advanced literature and pre-university courses. 

What kind of subjects can you tutor?

I prefer to offer tuition to exam students, especially those aiming to achieve places in the world’s best universities. I do not offer remedial tuition services.   

How would tuition work?

You would contact me with a piece of work that you would like me to mark. I will produce a video whereby I mark your work with practical suggestions for improvement.

In which curriculum do you train?

I have experience in iGCSE, IB, A-Level and GCSE Curriculum models. I can consider all boards. 

How much do you charge?

Contact me. I offer one-off tuition or multiple . 

Do you have any testimonials?

Of course, just contact me for information. 

Can you mark my work for free?

Alas, if only! I give my time to my students and colleagues and can no longer mark work for free.  

Do you current have spaces?

Currently I am not available. Contact me so I can notify you should that change.


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