Homework over Christmas. Examples to be posted later.

See www.thequillguy.com for homework: read newspapers and read short stories.

Minimum – 30 minutes
Read every day a newspaper article. Three things you learn for at least three articles, ideally five.  See www.thequillguy.com for list of newspapers and example. Read the columnists. 

– MP sacked for Nazi party costume could damage the PM due to close ties.
– As part of damage limitation, a trip to Austwitz was organised, but not completed.
– The MP was part of a drinking club in Oxford university, which the article attempts to associate as relevant to his actions.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/ – Left-wing newspaper. See as traditionally aimed at students, can be high-brow. See the columnists in particular. Very good sports pages (!)

http://www.independent.co.uk/ – Left-wing newspaper. Recently moved towards a more tabloid-style reporting than before. Attempts to vary style of broadsheet reporting. Famous columnists, recently embroiled in controversy.

 – Tabloid, very right-wing. Usually has an attacking, negative writing style, and is very popular for it. Regular columnists, often well-written.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ – Broadsheet, right-wing.  Sells less than Daily Mail but perhaps more balanced in its writing.

Sun and The Mirror – “Red-top” tabloid newspapers, should be read for evidence of bias and exaggerated writing style, especially when compared to the broadsheets.

Should – up to 2 hours
Read all short stories again. Create a comparison chart for at least one device between every story. (minimum 4.) See www.thequillguy.com for examples.

Could – up to 4 hours
Read OMAM again. Create a comparison chart between two different characters/themes.